Late one night, in early September 2018, my fiancé, Gary, took our dog, Bootsy, out for a last walk before turning in for the night. I wished them well, turning out the light to go to sleep.


Within ten minutes, Gary had returned, leaving the dog outside. I sat up alarmed, as Gary informed me, “We have a situation....” Bootsy, I learned, had been sprayed by a skunk! We sprung into action.


I looked online and found a recipe for a skunk odor eliminator made from common household ingredients. One whiff of Bootsy convinced me that this was our best (and only) option for removing that horrendous odor at 11:30 at night.


How the Skunk Ready Kit all got started

I dug frantically through our cupboard to locate all the ingredients. We were missing two. So while Gary sped off into the night to the 24-hour grocery near us, I continued digging through the cupboards for a suitable container in which to mix up this potion. Meanwhile, Bootsy was in the backyard whining and barking piteously.


All told, we successfully acquired the ingredients and accoutrements necessary, and led Bootsy into the shower and cleaned him off using the exact ingredients in our kit – the solution worked incredibly well, beyond our expectations.  In fact, Bootsy was sleeping peacefully on our bed, skunk smell free, less than one and a half hours later. We were so delighted with the results that the next morning the concept of the Skunk Ready Kit was born.


Can you buy these ingredients and mix up this potion yourself? Probably. What Skunk Ready Kit offers is the convenience of having all of the right ingredients premeasured, as well as the equipment you will need all in one place, at the ready, when you need it.


Skunks are nocturnal, so your dog is most likely to be “skunked” at the most inconvenient time.  BE PREPARED with Skunk Ready Kit, so you won’t have to scramble for what you need, or make a run to the 24-hour grocery for what you don’t have—if you’re lucky enough to have a 24-hour grocery nearby. You’ll be ready with your Skunk Ready Kit, just when you need it the most!



Cassia and Gary


Skunk Ready Kit

Bootsy; Our "Skunky Dog"

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